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Top-level code

Code intended to appear at the top level of a Go program, right after the package declaration, can be specified with ?go:top markup. This includes function, type, constant, and variable declarations and package imports. Remember, though, that the only packages that can be imported are those authorized by the Web administrator, as discussed in Configuring Go Server Pages.

Unlike ?go:expr and ?go:block markup, ?go:top blocks are not executed in place. Instead, they are gathered sequentially into a single chunk of code from wherever they occur on the page and placed immediately after the (implicit) package line:

import (
<p>I just wanted to say, <q><?go:expr Admire("Go Server Pages") ?></q>.</p>

func Admire(obj string) string {
	return strings.ToUpper(obj + " is great!")

Although the second ?go:top block in the above would more naturally be placed earlier or even merged with the first ?go:top block, it appears at the bottom of the code snippet to demonstrate that this is a valid construction.