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Any Go code that can appear within a function body can be used within ?go:block markup. This includes variable declarations, loops, conditionals, assignments, and so forth. All ?go:block fragments are executed in the same scope so a variable declared in one fragment can be reused in a later fragment. The following is a simple example of using a Go for loop to generate list items:

for i := 1; i <= 10; i++ {
	gosp.Fprintf(gospOut, "  <li>%d + %d is %d.</li>\n", i, i, i*2)

(gospOut is a predefined io.Writer that writes to the Web page itself.) Conveniently, Go blocks can be intermixed with Web-page text, which is treated as if it were a gosp.Fprintf(gospOut, …) itself:

for i := 0; i < 5; i++ {
  <li>This is a line of ordinary HTML, repeated five times.</li>

return (with no arguments) is allowed. No further Go markup will be executed after a return, and no further HTML will be returned to the client.